Why does anyone listen to Dick Morris? Why do news organizations like FOX and NEWSMAX continue to promote this ridiculous blow-hard? Morris arrogantly predicted that Romney would win "in a landslide" and predicted Romney wins in Florida, Virginia, Iowa, New Hampshire, Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Colorado and incredibly, Pennsylvania - wrong on every one. Appearing with Greta Van Susteran on Fox the night before the election, Morris predicted Romney would win with 325 Electoral College votes and carry the popular vote by at least 5%. Wrong. Morris insisted that he was right about the inaccuracy of all the polls that showed that Obama would win because, "I have actually made a living electing people and know how to read a poll". This is the same Dick Morris who confidently predicted the presidential nominees in 2012 would be Hillary Clinton and Condolezza Rice. Wrong again. Morris, who spent most of his career electing liberal Democrats like Sen. Howard Metzenbaum and Congressman Jerrold Nadler, became an over-night conservative Republican after being fired by Bill Clinton in the wake of a prostitution scandal during Clinton's 1996 re-election. Morris thought just because Clinton engaged in extra-marital affairs he could also do so with impunity. Dick was shocked to learn he wasn't indispensable to the Clintons. Morris also claims to have converted to Christianity, a conversion as opportunistic and suspect as his conversion to conservatism. At the conclusion of his virtuoso performance with Greta, Morris challenged her to, "Have me on after the election. Hold me accountable". Indeed.