With the predictability of the sunrise, the sometime-Republican consultant Ed Rollins knifed his own Party's nominee on the record. Rollins, who managed Ronald Reagan's cake-walk reelection in 1984, had no role in Reagan's campaign in 1980 when I served as Eastern Regional Political Director with responsibility both before and after the nomination for New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Rollins Screws GOPWhen asked by the New York Post's Cindy Adams, how a race between Obama and McCain would go, Rollins replied, "You can hang substance on a communicator. You cannot make an old man young." This race is not about age or experience, per se. It's about seasoning. Barack Obama has a stock-line in his stumps speech where he says that those who think that he doesn't have enough experience to be President want to "boil him in Washington until they boil the hope out of him." He misses the point. We need a President who has some seasoning boiled into him. John McCain has been tested as few men are. He is the best choice for America. He has the depth and knowledge to be Commander and Chief when America is at war against terrorism and he has a realistic view of the dangers in this world.