New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who may have his own interest in the 2016 Presidential nomination was wise to side-step an endorsement of the non-candidacy of former US Senator and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Cuomo has steered an impressive course in his first to years, getting a balanced budget, passing gay marriage equality, pushing a tighter ethics code for Albany and getting modest pension reform but Cuomo's prospects will be contingent on ending the unemployment trend in New York. "Jobs, jobs, jobs" as Sen, Daniel Patrick Moynihan would say, are what will matter. Continuing high tax rates on business, dithering on Upstate fracking for natural gas and oil and a boost in the minimum wage virtually guarantee to a continued downward trend in employment. Governor Cuomo needs a job boom, a 'New York Miracle" to be a contender in 2016. If he has it he will be Mr's Clinton's chief rival.