The Hillary Clinton who claims to be too ill to testify before the US Senate this week is the same Hillary Clinton who dissembled about being under gun-fire in Bosnia and who "found" the missing Rose law firm records on Whitewater "on a table in the White House living quarters" after they had been missing for years. If Secretary Clinton fell and had a concussion, why no Hospital visit? This woman has a history of lying as easily as her former President husband. Clearly she is ducking testifying in the Benghazi clusterf*ck. Puh-leez. The Clinton's are much better liars than Dick Nixon but there is no way however, for Clinton to waltz away from the disastrous "Obama-Clinton" Middle-Eastern Policy which saw us abandon long time ally Mubarak in Egypt to install a regime far more hostile to American interests and to drop $100 million dollars worth of bombs a week in Libya to install a regime that pays us lip service but connives with radical Islamist elements to destroy our embassy and kill our Ambassador and other Americans in our compound and does nothing to bring the perps to justice. The Daily Caller correctly speculates that Mrs. Clinton wants to distance herself from a policy "which has helped Islamic theocrats seize or consolidate power in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Turkey, Mali and Iran." The Clinton-Obama Policy called "A New Beginning," was based on the false premise that the region's popular Islamist movements would become more moderate if allowed to gain power in the so-called Arab Spring. It's clear now that that "Obama-Clinton" policy is based in naivete about the intentions of radical Islam. Those in the media who have anointed Mrs. Clinton as President in 2016, like the New York Times (which times columnist Frank Bruni took shrewd exception to on Sunday) ... may be holding the coronation a little to early. Just as the question "Who lost China?" hurt Democrats and helped Ike in 1952, the question of "Who lost the Middle East? could haunt Mrs. Clinton on her way to the White House.