Mark Penn - Getting KickbacksThe New York Times details screaming matches between Clinton Campaign guru Mark Penn and Clinton Media Consultant Mandy Grunwald, over how to rearrange the deckchairs on the Titanic. Penn raped the campaign for $6 million for a pathetic losing strategy. Now I hear Harold Ickes is looking into 20% markups on $10 million worth of voter mail and phone calls that were kicked-back to Penn from vendors. I understand in last week's Hilraisers phone call; some suggested the best way to deal with Penn was "with a rope." Sadly, Bill Clinton whose shamelessness and roguishness I admire, has been hurt reputation-wise in this entire political miscalculation. The "master politician" Clinton never got 50+ percent of the vote. In other words, in both Presidential elections in which he ran, more Americans voted against him than for him. He had convinced the world that he was a master pol and now many are not so sure. Shame, after I saw how game Hillary was opening Saturday Night Live, I felt a little sorry for her.