"Politics" said former New Jersey Governor Tom Kean "is the art of inclusion." The decision by the American Conservative Union, sponsor of the annual Conservative Political Action Conference not to invite current New Jersey Governor Chris Christie demonstrates some conservatives and Republicans haven't learned that lesson. This is the same stupid thinking that blocked Ron Paul from having his name put in nomination at it's 2012 Convention and refused to acknowledge or even count the votes of delegates who cast their votes for the veteran Republican Congressman. Instead of snubbing Christie Republicans should be learning from him. Recent polls show 74 % of voters approve of the job the feisty Republican is doing in the bluest of blue states. Christie was recently endorsed for re-election by one of the states largest and most important Hispanic organizations which has never before endorsed a Republican. Polls also show Christie will cruise to re-election this year. More importantly Christie is the only Republican who runs a competitive race against former First Lady Hillary Clinton, trailing her by but one point in a recent PPP poll. There is no other Republican with a shot at beating Mrs. Clinton on the horizon. As a Libertarian, I certainly don't agree with Governor Christie on every issue but his record is unabashedly conservative; he inherited an $11 billion deficit from his utterly incompetent predecessor Democrat Jon Corzine ( before the latter went on to steal $6 billion of his private investment client's money) and balanced the budget. he pushed through bi-partisan state employee pension reform saving $267 million in the first year, he has clashed with the teachers union to bring competition and excellence to the public schools and he had the courage to cancel the construction of an new New Jersey-New York tunnel when he figured out New Jersey taxpayers would get caught holding a $5 billion bag for it. His support for legalized on-line gaming could revitalize Atlantic City's casino business and bring jobs and new revenues. Christie has been relentless in his pursuit of spending cuts, capping property taxes and cutting state taxes. Christie's judicial appointments have reflected a sensitivity to the need to broaden the appeal of his party. Some Republicans are angry because Christie put the people of his state before the interests of Mitt Romney and the GOP last year when Hurricane Sandy devastated the Garden State. Putting the welfare of his state before partisan politics is the mark of a statesman. Putting the interests of his constituents before electoral considerations is precisely the kind of leadership Americans want. Blowhard Dick Morris is wrong- Christie's appearing with President Obama and praising the President for his swift response to the the hurricane didn't cost Romney the election. Romney ran a terrible campaign and would have lost regardless. Christie's demand that Congress move a financial aid package to help New Jerseyans mired in post hurricane mud and devastation got Congress off it's ass. Congressional Republicans should never have let the aid package get larded up with non-hurricane related pork to begin with. Christie's blunt nature is an asset at a time that voters think all politicians are double-talking dissemblers.The governor is straightforward and there is never any doubt where he stands, something voters clearly find refreshing given Christie's astounding national poll standings. Christie has the executive experience and seasoning Marco Rubio lacks. His appeal to democrats and independents is proven. Christie pursues bipartisanship instead of ideological purity without sacrificing his core principles, the only sure recipe for a GOP comeback.