The prospect remains for a four or five person field this November in the New York City Mayor's race. Democratic frontrunner Christine Quinn treads water while Weiner's well thought out comeback launch has gained some traction. Bill Thompson's ties to wheeler dealer U.S. Senator Alfonse D' Amato, which the New York Times put on page one ,are not a plus in the current culture and exploitable if any of the other Democrats who aren't getting Al's largesse are smart enough to use it. Liberal billionaire John Catsimatidis isn't spending anything near the Bloombergian sums necessary to elect him Mayor. His strong support for Democrats like Bill Clinton, Eliot Spitzer, Eric Schneiderman, Senator John Sampson, Senator Malcolm Smith and several pro-abortion organizations combined with the health code violations at his supermarket for which he has paid thousands in fines and the sex discrimination cases against the companies he owns where he has paid millions in fines eliminate him as a viable candidate. Catsimatidis has compounded this error by accepting the cross endorsement of the resurgent New York Liberal Party, not a credential one wants in the coming Republican primary. Former Deputy Mayor Joe Lhota has accepted the endorsement of the New York Conservative Party, the benefits beyond the Republican primary of which are negligible. Lhota had to distance himself on gay marriage and marijuana in accepting their support. Lhota needs a ballot line where moderates and independents who won't vote Republican or Conservative will vote for him. Lhota could "create" a new party as Nelson Rockefeller did in 1970 to provide another ballot line, but the idea of the Lhota campaign both collecting the signatures to put Lhota on the Republican primary ballot and create a new party are questionable. You have to get signatures outside of Staten Island. Lhota should accept the endorsement of the Libertarian Party. Lhota supporters stormed the New York City Libertarian Party City Convention on April 9 and voted to cross -endorse Lhota. They will certainly circulate petitions with his name. If Lhota petitions are filed and he declines, a three-member "committee on vacancies" will have the power to fill the vacancy with another candidate for Mayor.