Eliot Spitzer has decided to jump back into the political arena. This calls for a review of his entire record of illegal activities far beyond his dalliance with call-girls. Far from being the "Sheriff of Wall Street" Spitzer was a bully and blackmail artist who abused his power to destroy his enemies while major Spitzer donors engaged in illegal Wall Street antics but were given a pass. Spitzer has neither the temperament or honesty to be trusted with public office. Spitzer financed two campaigns for Attorney General with more than $9 million in illegal loans from his billionaire father. He lied to the New York Times and the New York Daily News repeatedly denying the existence of the loans. He also perjured himself in a civil suit in which he denied the existence of the loans under oath. He ultimately admitted the illegal transactions but only after obtaining the shield of the New York Attorney's office. Spitzer clearly also ordered the use of State resources in his effort to utilize the state police to spy on former Republican Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno and fabricate documents to discredit the Republican. The use of State's resources for political purposes is a felony. Spitzer violated the Mann Act transporting a prostitute over five state lines for a tryst at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, DC. Evidentially, there are no hookers in the District of Columbia. In 2009, a Republican New York State Supreme Court Judge was convicted of violating the Mann Act when he transported a hooker from Buffalo to a judicial conference in Frankfort, KY. While I understand the need to import amusement to a town like Frankfort, I must question why the Judge went to prison and rich boy Eliot Spitzer walked. Spitzer also blackmailed executives at Marsh McLennan into acquiring Spitzer's private investigative firm Kroll and Associates at an inflated price many of millions of dollars more than it true value as a condition of settlement of charges against them and hiring Spitzer crony Michael Cherkasky as their new CEO. Cherkasky, a bungler bereft of insurance industry experience, bailed out with a $30 million golden parachute, which seems funny when you consider that Spitzer pursued NYSE Chair Grasso for excess compensation. Spitzer also violated Federal money laundering laws in his efforts to conceal payments to several New York City based escort services. According to former high-end call girl Irma Nici and a second call girl identified by the New York Post, Spitzer liked to romp in droopy black knee socks. According to Nici, Spitzer often sported a New York Yankee's cap while being serviced. A ham-handed attempt by the makers of the movie "Client # 9" to use an actress playing the part of a call girl saying Spitzer's black sock fetish was false fizzled. A man who will lie under oath about taking a $9 million illegal campaign loan will lie about cavorting in black socks with call girls. Reveling in his reputation as "Sheriff of Wall Street," Spitzer excelled only at blackmailing businessmen into guilty pleas with the threat of ruining their company's stock value through leak and investigation. When it came to going to court, Spitzer was not so good - he lost more than 80% of his prosecutions against those stout enough to go to trial in the face of his bully tactics. When former US Ambassador, John Whitehead, a titan of Wall Street, wrote in defense of his friend AIG's Hank Greenberg in the Wall Street Journal, Spitzer called Whitehead to threaten him saying, "It's now a war between us and you've fired the first shot," Whitehead quoted Spitzer as saying. "I will be coming after you. You will pay the price. This is only the beginning and you will pay dearly for what you have done. You will wish you had never written that letter." FOX TV host Sean Hannity also reported a threatening foulmouthed phone call from the Attorney General. Spitzer is yet to admit to his law breaking. A gig at CNN wired by college acquaintances bombed because Spitzer's sanctimonious and conventional Upper Eastside liberal pabulum got dogshit for ratings."Client # 9's Current TV show didn't do much better. His ratings show that virtually no one was watching his self-important droning as he spits out the predictable views of a rich man's son who never worked a day in his life and whose father purchased him public office. Then there is word of his goading current Atttorney General Eric Schneiderman to block the release of emails which detail prosecutorial misconduct when he was Attorney General and personal animus towards AIG's Hank Greenberg at the same time he demands Attorney General Cuomos's e-mails regarding Cuomo's investigation of Troopergate be released. Hypocrite, thy name is Spitzer .