The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ

By Roger Stone with Mike Colapietro
Cui prodest scelus, est fict- goes a Latin nostrum, "The one who derives most from the crime is the one most likely to have committed it". A bombshell new book by a political insider decimates the Warren Commission Investigation and lays out how and why Lyndon Baines Johnson killed President John F. Kennedy. Legendary Political operative and strategist Roger Stone has gathered declassified documents and used his firsthand knowledge to make a compelling case that Lyndon Baines Johnson was not only involved in JFK's assassination, but was in fact the linchpin and mastermind. In his new book, The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ (Skyhorse Publishing, November 4, 2013), Roger Stone brings to light blockbuster revelations demonstrating that LBJ had the unique motive, means, and opportunity to murder President John F. Kennedy. Stone analyses Johnson's personality agreeing with Pulitzer Prize winning biographer Robert Caro that Lyndon Johnson was an "amoral psychopath". Stone ties LBJ to at least eight political murders before JFK. LBJ would order a murder like you and I would order a ham sandwich," says Stone. No one man benefited more from the assassination than Vice President Johnson. A thirst for power aside, without the presidency, Johnson was to be removed from the 1964 ticket by the Kennedys, and prosecuted and incarcerated due to his involvement the twin scandals of the Senate's Secretary to the Majority Leader, Bobby Baker and Texas wheeler dealer Billy Sol Estes. Staring into the abyss, the choice for Lyndon Johnson was clear: to yoke the various entities that had a mutual interest in JFK's death; This included the CIA, the Mob and Texas Oil who feared JFK's repeal of the oil depletion allowance. Stone outlines LBJ's unique history with each. The murder was orchestrated in Johnson's Texas, where his control of the Dallas Police Department, Dallas County Sheriff's Office, and the Dallas County District Attorney was absolute. As an early Congressional overseer of the Central Intelligence Agency along with his ally Sen. Harry F. Byrd, Johnson had his hands deep in the Agency. LBJ had also benefited from huge campaign contributions from the mob. Both would be utilized in the murder of the 35th President, along with Johnson's personal hit man, Malcolm Wallace, whose fingerprint would be found in the Texas School Book Depository following the assassination and authenticated by Nathan Darby, the most experienced certified latent print examiner in the country. Stone says this fingerprint evidence ties LBJ irrevocably to the murder. The notable individuals that knew and said Johnson was involved in murderous acts is also well-documented... they include Oswald murderer Jack Ruby, Dexter Scott King, son of Dr. Martin Luther King, as well as LBJ associate Billy Sol Estes, LBJ mistress Madeleine Brown, Texas Governor Allan Shivers, renowned Texas Ranger Clint Peoples, CIA asset E. Howard Hunt and US Senator and 1964 Republican nominee for President Barry Goldwater. The KGB, fearing that they or their puppet state Cuba would be falsely blamed conducted their own investigation and concluded LBJ killed JFK at the same to time French Intelligence would tell Jackie Kennedy LBJ murdered her husband. Stone details how President Richard Nixon recognized Jack Ruby as a "Johnson man" who Nixon put on the House payroll as early as 1947 as a courtesy to Congressman Lyndon Johnson and how Nixon called the Warren Commission looking into JFK's assassination "the greatest hoax ever perpetrated". Lastly Stone asks us to consider - photographs show Vice President Johnson hit the floor in his limousine when his car turned into Dealey Plaza and before the first shot was fired? Why? ORDER The Man Who Killed Kennedy - The Case Against LBJ, Today: