As a veteran of eight national Republican Presidential campaigns I know a journalistic hit-job when I see one. To be effective such a piece must prove malfeasance, immorality, or worse. By any standard the New York Times hatchet job on McCain failed to do this. McCain-EisenhowerIn John McCain Republicans will nominate another Eisenhower, tested in war and best prepared to end a divisive foreign war while restoring America to unprecedented prosperity at home. McCain can't win without conservatives and he can't win with the votes of just conservatives. Conservatives who are thinking about sitting this out should remember how many Supreme Court nominations the next President will have. If that is not enough take a look at Obama's proposal for tax increases on the "wealthy"- in other words, anyone with a job. The Times naked attempt to "take McCain out" has only served to help his campaign. Anyone the New York Times doesnÕt like can't be all bad. The Gray Lady did however finger their source in both the February 21st story and the February 22nd follow up story. In both, the Times describes McCainÕs associate John Weaver, who was fired from the campaign with Karl Rove butt-boy Terry Nelson after they ran through $28 million in campaign funds with nothing to show for it, as a "McCain campaign advisor" and "informal campaign advisor," both of which he is not. The only source who would describe Weaver that way is... John Weaver.