By Roger Stone

As my book the Man Who Killed Kennedy the Case Against LBJ has become an Amazon Top 100 best seller (# 18 at this writing) I have been asked again and again how Lyndon Johnson's definitive biographer Robert Caro could have missed LBJ's role in an assassination plot.

Robert CaroAuthor Robert Caro wrote a Pulitzer Prize winning four-volume biography of Johnson. In this masterful work, Caro accurately depicts LBJ as an amoral psychopath. Caro's vivid portrait of Johnson shows LBJ's corruption to be of biblical proportions and correctly portrays Johnson as crude, vicious, vindictive, unprincipled, abusive, promiscuous and usually drunk. One Secret Service agent told author Ron Kessler that "if Johnson wasn't President, he'd be in a lunatic asylum."

Yet, Caro's masterful biography is flawed. There were two enormous scandals surrounding LBJ in the fall of 1963. One involved Secretary of the Senate, Bobby Baker, once described by Johnson as "my strong right arm" and the other involved the Texas wheeler-dealer, Billie Sol Estes. A review of news coverage of both scandals reveals substantially more column inches dedicated to coverage of the Billy Sol Estes scandal, yet nowhere in his biography does Caro even mention Sol Estes. Perhaps this is because Baker never testified against Johnson and served his prison sentence without comment while Billie Sol Estes served his prison term but later testified before a grand jury detailing Johnson's role in the murder of U.S. Agriculture Department official Henry Marshall and President John F. Kennedy. Sol Estes also wrote to the Justice Department outlining the serial murders committed by LBJ. Sol Estes testified after he had served his full prison term that LBJ, Johnson political operative Clif Carter and LBJ's hit man Malcolm Wallace met where LBJ gave the order to "get rid off" Henry Marshall. Calling Mr. Caro!! How did you "miss" this?

Caro had 20 years but never so much as sought an interview with Sol Estes. Caro also never interviewed Madeleine Duncan Brown, Johnson's longtime mistress who said LBJ told her the night before the assassination, "After tomorrow those SOBs will never embarrass me again. That's no threat. That's a promise."

Then there is the question of Malcolm Mac Wallace, described by Madeleine Brown as LBJ's "hatchet man". Like Lee Harvey Oswald Malcolm Wallace is a Marine marksman. Robert Caro knows of Malcolm 'Mac' Wallace, and knows his ties to LBJ's sister. He knows the Kinser murder involved a man, John Douglas Kinser, who was blackmailing LBJ with things he learned from the future president's sister, with whom Kinser enjoyed an intimate relationship. Caro knows Wallace worked at a USDA patronage job arranged by LBJ when he murdered Kinser.

Caro knows LBJ's personal attorney John Cofer represented Wallace at trial. Caro knows Wallace told Sheriff's deputies when arrested that he has to "get back to work for Senator Johnson." Caro also knows LBJ camped out at a nearby hotel awaiting Wallace's trial, and that Wallace was convicted of murder and sentenced to a 5 year suspended sentence. Caro knows every other person convicted of murder in that year 1952 in Texas went to the electric chair.

Caro knows Wallace went to work immediately after receiving the suspended sentence for a defense contractor named Temco, owned by Right Wing Oilman D. H. Byrd, cousin of LBJ Ally US Senator Harry F. Byrd, Sr. and a major LBJ donor and confidant. Caro knows LBJ secured the job for Wallace. Caro knows convicted murderer Mac Wallace has a top security clearance engineered by Lyndon Johnson.

Caro knows LBJ gave Temco (later LTV) a multi-million dollar defense contract only three months after Kennedy's death.

Caro knows D.H. Byrd owned the Texas School Book Depository building. Caro knows Wallace's fingerprint was found in the sniper's nest. Caro knows it's a 34 point match fingerprint, admissible in court. Caro knows at least six eye-witnesses say they saw men at the sixth floor windows prior to the shooting and one was dark while the other was balding was heavy set and had horn-rim glasses- a description of Mac Wallace in 1963. A witness also saw this man fleeing the Texas School Book Depository and jump into a waiting car driven by a black man after seeing the same bespectacled man in sixth floor window.

Caro knows Mac Wallace was a Marine Corps marksman. Malcolm 'Mac' Wallace is LBJ's hitman, but in three volumes, Robert Caro doesn't mention him.

Caro has been a paid consultant to the LBJ Presidential Library in Austin, Texas as has "Historians" Robert Dallek, Douglas Brinkley and Doris Kearns Goodwin - a stunning literary conflict of interest for an objective biographer. Shame!

If Caro, who devoted substantial words to the Bobby Baker scandal, faithfully reported on Billy Sol Estes, he would be forced to report on the Texan's accusations that LBJ was a murderer. He would have to report on Malcolm Mac Wallace, John Cofer, and Henry Marshall. If Caro accurately reported this he would not have a Pulitzer, could not cash the checks for the millions his four-volume bio has generated, not be invited to the best cocktail parties in Manhattan and not have his ass kissed by The New York Times. Sadly, Caro chose fame and fortune over truth; he should be stripped of his Pulitzer Prize.

LBJ yoked a plot that included the CIA, the Mob, Big Texas Oilmen and multiple shooters. But "control freak" Johnson has his own marksman - Malcolm Wallace shoot from the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository Building.

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