Spitzer apartment shame walk

Eliot Spitzer is back in the news. For those who need a refresher, Spitzer is the disgraced former Governor and Attorney General of New York State who engaged multiple prostitutes and violated the Mann Act by transporting a prostitute across state lines for sex. He resigned as Governor in the wake of these revelations.

Spitzer not only broke state and federal law, he also violated the law of good taste ; the New York Post would confirm from three different sources Spitzer's propensity to cavort with hookers while sporting black calf length socks.

Spitzer socksFor those who need a reminder, Spitzer illegally financed his campaign for Attorney General in 2007 and 2009. Spitzer consistently lied to the New York Times and the New York Daily News about his source of funds and campaign loans from his father which exceeded state law. Spitzer even perjured himself in a civil suit brought by two of his Democratic opponents only to finally admit to the New York Times he had lied.

By leaking information from his office, he quickly gained a reputation as "the sheriff of Wall Street" from a fawning New York media. In fact, his expertise was in blackmail where he would threaten to destroy careers and companies by leak or accusation unless the innocent plead guilty at his demand. When Eliot Spitzer went to trial, he lost a stunning 80% of his cases. In many of his cases, those who donated heavily to Spitzer committed crimes identical to those committed by individuals and companies Spitzer would prosecute.

Spitzer would launch a last minute but particularly well-funded comeback bid in the New York City Comptrollers race entering the Democratic Primary at the last minute. With Spitzer's father Non compos mentis, Spitzer now controls Daddy's checkbook. $10M in quick and effective TV commercials, funded from Daddy's billions positioned him as the champion of the "little man" against Wall Street and ignored the state and federal crimes he had committed. Spiter jumped out to a 20 point lead over Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer and even Spitzer antagonist Ken Langone (a good man but hardly a political sage) said, "Spitzer's election was inevitable."

In fact, Spitzer's hastily assembled 20 point lead was based largely upon created enormous TV ad created margins among African-American voters. While these voters tended to be more "forgiving" and susceptible to a message of redemption they reacted negatively when it was pointed out that Spitzer had violated the very same laws against prostitution and assorted financial crimes that he had prosecuted others for yet he paid no penalty. Black voters recognized that if they did what Spitzer did, they would be in jail. Spitzer's lead among Black voters would shrink under a fuselage of robo calls to African American households in the final days of the campaign.

Scott Stringer's strategic campaign advisors, after first establishing Stringer a viable and stable alternative to Spitzer, made a pivotal decision to utilize their last 30 second television spot to remind voters of Stringer's endorsements from all 3 daily news papers but to also remind voters that Spitzer broke the very same laws he sent people to jail for breaking for but paid no penalty. Stringer would surge in the close according to polls I saw.

Spitzer's conduct during the campaign is as appalling as his trysts with call girls during the time he was the state's top law enforcement officer and Governor. Spitzer said he voted for President Obama but the New York post revealed that a review of voter records revealed that he hadn't voted at all. Even more incredibly, Spitzer told the New York Daily News editorial board that his bust with Ashely Dupre was his one and only paid assignation with a prostitute. Spitzer's press spokeswoman Lis Smith would defend this lie to incredulous New York reporters. Spitzer would also ally himself with some of the most corrupt and unsavory elements of the NY Democratic party including Assemblyman Vito Lopez and disgraced Brooklyn Democratic boss, Clarence Norman for petitioning and get-out-the vote activities. This is the Sheriff of Wall Street?

Now in a strange order comes word that Spitzer was seen arriving at the apartment of aforementioned Lis Smith in the early evening and leaving at 5:44AM in the morning wearing a Trayvon style hoodie and baggy sweat pants. (Spitzer's attire will be addressed in the Stone Zone's #10 Best and Worst dressed people in the World" column January 1st.) Only after his romp at Smith's place hit the tabloid covers, did the announcement come that Spitzer and his wife , Silda, would seek a divorce. Spitzer has three grown daughters and maintained throughout his comeback campaign he was living apart from his wife only to care for his elderly parents It is notable that Silda Wall, Spitzer's long suffering wife, never commented on a report in the New York Post that she and Spitzer would divorce after the election.

Smith's boot-knocking with Spitzer would come in the time when she was widely thought to be in line to be Mayor Bill deBlasio's chief spokesperson. Those plans seemed to be derailed as the new mayor probably doesn't want the minutia of his new administration to be pillow talk for Lis and Eliot.

Smith's allies were quick to take to Twitter to praise Smith's "professionalism" and to say that she was "universally respected." Indeed, swearing to Spitzer's lies such as his multiple use of prostitutes and the true state of his marriage are unprofessional. The media has speculated that Spitzer's "relationship" with Smith started after his campaign ended. I'd rather suspect it started during the campaign given Smiths track record in Missouri.

Yes, I feel for Silda Spitzer and her three daughters. No one who is innocent deserves this embarrassment. Smith is younger than they are.

Lastly, in an attempt to distract media attention from this shocker, Spitzer announced the acquisition for $88 Million of a prime piece of Manhattan real estate for he plans to develop. The NY Post headline:? "Spitzer Planning Erection"