There is little doubt the Bill and Hillary Clinton are skilled politicians who share a formidable base in both the Democratic Party and the Country. The Clinton fundraising skills are legendary as evidenced by the $120 million her campaign has raised to date. Hillary started this race with a seemingly insurmountable lead. Unfortunately, Hillary's campaign strategy as devised by Mark Penn, her chief political strategist and guru, has been wrong on virtually every one of its assumptions. Penn and Clinton media consultant Mandy Grunwald assumed American wanted detailed policy plans, when in fact Barack Obama correctly figured out that the voters were looking for inspiration rather than details. In a conference call of the Hill-Raisers, Hillary's top fundraisers, there was substantial complaining that Penn had taken nearly $5 million in fees from the campaign for a losing strategy. "Firing Patti Doyle and keeping Mark Penn is like keeping the dirty diapers on the baby and changing the pins," one frustrated Democrat told me. Now, top fundraisers are demanding to know if Penn has also taken a per-piece and per-call kick-back for campaign voter mailings and voter phone calls. Former Clinton Advisor, Dick Morris, makes a credible case that it is near mathematically impossible for Clinton to yet win the nomination even with victories in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas. Maybe. If the decision is left in the hands of the 'so-called' Super Delegates, the probability that they could be stampeded by their desire for a winner to hand the nomination to Barack Obama. Is this what Hillary got for $5 million?