I think Donald Trump should really run for President in 2016.

First let me say that I do not work for Trump, do not speak for him and the opinions expressed here are my own. Trump could win if he runs in the next Presidential race.

While I know this make liberal elites howl, they completely misunderstand Trump’s potential strengths and his relationship with a huge chunk of the American public. The liberal media elite denigrates Trump because of his solid middle-class values; free enterprise, hard work, thrift, business acumen, deal-making toughness and success.

A recent article in "Talking Points Memo" may have left an incomplete view of my thoughts regarding a Trump candidacy .I would point out that I have favored a Trump presidential run in 1988, 2000 and 2012. I spoke with Trump on New Year’s Day a year ago and we reviewed a list of all potential or probable presidential candidates. We jointly concluded that Trump was potentially a stronger candidate than any of them.

A Trump candidacy even becomes more imperative with the Bridgegate scandal engulfing Chris Christie in New Jersey; Christie was the only candidate who ran close to Hillary Clinton in the polls. The rest of the known GOP field looks weak. Ted Cruz? Please give me a break.

For those who scoff at a Trump candidacy I will remind you that Trump was leading in the polls in 2012 when he chose not to run. Critics who chide him for “dropping out” in 2012 are incorrect. Trump never entered the race, although I believe to this day he would have been a stronger candidate in 2012 than Mitt Romney.

If anything Trump’s support in polls is understated. I am convinced that many voters would vote for Trump if he were really running. Many voters prefer him but don’t register this support because they think he is not serious.

The case for Trump’s candidacy is clear. American voters are down on politics, politicians, Washington DC and both political parties. They are tired of timidity and being out negotiated by both the Russians and the Chinese. They are tired of the policies that have relegated America to #2 or#3 in the world. Trump speaks to these people.

Trump is nothing if not brash. Trump will say things no one else will say. Trump will give voice to truths that no one else will express. Trump doesn’t care about political correctness or gentility with our allies or adversaries. Trump wants America to be #1 again. Trump wants every American to have an opportunity and to succeed. Trump wants America restored as the wealthiest nation in the world.

Indeed Trump wants to preserve the American dream.

Trump brings instant name identification and media access to the race. If you told me in 1979 when I first met Trump that he would be bigger, better known and richer in 2013 than he was then, I would never have believed you. Trump is sitting on a mountain of cash and could easily self-finance a campaign for president making him free from the ties and bonds with special interests who will control every other presidential candidate.

I am not a fan of the idea of Donald Trump running for governor of New York. New York is no longer the Democratic-leaning state of my youth. Today, New York is the bluest of blue states where seven out of ten voters lean Democratic and Republican registration in New York City has shrunk to a meager 19%. The New York electorate would be hostile to any Republican including Donald Trump. The massive lead any Democrat wins New York City by is insurmountable. The New York media, which has a decided liberal bias, would be hostile. It’s a question of math. There are too many Democrats. Trump has emerged as one of the top conservative spokesmen in the country. New York is a liberal bastion. The numbers simply don’t add up. A political operative with any judgment or experience would see this. An objective poll would show it.

Governor Cuomo will be exceedingly well funded and will enjoy widespread media support. If Cuomo continues to hold the line against tax increases proposed by New York socialist mayor Bill deBlasio, it will be harder for any Republican to attack him.

While I personally favor fracking, polling shows the issue to be a wash with New York voters; as many New Yorkers support it as oppose it. There will be no traction on the issue of Cuomo’s delays on this issue.

America is in deep trouble. Under Obama America has no coherent foreign policy and Obamacare threatens the nation’s already fragile economy. America’s debt is at unprecedented levels. Federal tax policy provides disincentives for investment and economic growth. America pays billions in Foreign Aid to nations that hate our guts and act against American interests. America needs a leader of uncommon courage and ability to turn the country around.

In 2016 America needs someone from outside the realm of politics who understands business and job creation, some one with the guts and courage to restore America’s greatness. I think that person is Donald Trump.