The McCain campaign rolled out supply-side apostle and one time Republican Vice Presidential Nominee Jack French Kemp to hit the trail in South Carolina with the Arizona Senator. Kemp's endorsement is meant to reassure tax cutters that McCain has seen the light on the Bush tax cuts and now understands how, coupled with spending reduction, tax cuts are essential to move the economy. There is no one better to reassure tax cutters that McCain's conversion is real then Jack Kemp, the pioneer of the upbeat and optimistic politics of economic growth. While Kemp never had much political success for himself, having passed up potential bids for Governor and US Senator in New York and having his 1988 Presidential candidacy fizzle, Kemp's success on behalf of his ideas cannot be overstated. It was Jack Kemp who brought Ronald Reagan into the supply-side camp and it was the Reagan tax-cuts that spurred the greatest economic expansion in our history at the time. Kemp differed with the old time dour fiscal Conservatives because his message was upbeat positive and optimistic. Kemp as a strong and articulate proponent of Civil Rights brought decency to the political debate and helped his party reach into the barrios and ghettos to spread black capitalism and empowerment. Famously undisciplined about the length of his speeches and his punctuality Kemp's willingness to stump for McCain speaks to his commitment to his country.