The Troopergate scandal in which Governor 'Spitzer's top Aides were caught red handed using the State police to set up Republican Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno hurt the Governor's credibility tremendously. Spitzer was also harmed by his hypocrisy on Campaign Finance Reform when he pushed rules that would benefit wealthy self-funders like himself at the expense of candidates who were not well-heeled. However, it was not until Governor Spitzer proposed giving New York State Drivers Licenses to illegal immigrants that his political popularity hit rock-bottom - a condition from which he has still not recovered. Hillary Clinton had the good political sense to abandon Spitzer's position, even if she did so inartfully. Barack Obama, on the other hand, drank the Kool-Aid. There is no better issue to demonstrate the naivete of Senator Obama and his National Security views. Fifteen of Nineteen 9/11 hijackers had 38 drivers licenses between them. These licenses were used to rent cars and trucks, secure hotel rooms and to obtain passage on the fateful air carriers the day America was attacked. Obama, like Spitzer, will argue that giving licenses to illegals will actually improve security - a position which defies the facts. If John McCain needs a wedge issue to demonstrate his superior grasp of National Security issues and Senator Obama's lack of serious credentials to be President - this is it.