I have just seen a poll that shows Senator Cory Booker at 43% with his opponent Jeffrey Bell only 13 points behind. This is not considered safe for an incumbent.

Cory Booker is a charming and dazzling pol who is most famous for...well, being famous. He is the perfect Senator for the Facebook Age. He has vowed to take and post a selfie with every single senator. Presumably he prefers this to the hard work of legislating. As mayor of Newark he got huge "fees" from a law-firm doing business with the City. He claims this ended in 2012. His subsequent filings won't reflect that but they are ...uh...delayed. But Cory champions on for People magazine and the twitter crowd. Call him Senator Kardashian.

Jeffrey Bell is a pioneer of the Reagan Revolution who has worked as a proponent of growth oriented monetary and tax policy. Bell knocked off Senator Clifford Case in a 1978 Republican primary in a stunning upset that was a historical milestone for the American Conservative movement.  Bell , a Catholic convert , is above all a man of ideas. Senator Booker seems to be particularly bereft of these.

New Jersey is a blue state and Booker is an incumbent who hasn't been Senator long enough to be blamed for the current mess.  At the same time watch this race. It could get interesting. Surely the Senator will debate often with his opponent Jeffrey Bell.