I am certainly a vocal critic of former First Lady and New York Senator Hillary Clinton but judgments in the press about what Hillary Clinton's change of campaign managers means about the status of her campaign are wrong. A needed change of strategy may simply require a reassignment of political and personal talents. By all accounts Patti Solis Doyle is an extremely intelligent and particularly capable individual who has the single greatest asset any campaign manager can have; the confidence of her candidate. Maggie Williams is also known as an exceptionally capable individual. Different people have different talents. You assign different Generals for air-war than you to do for trench-warfare. Williams also has the confidence of the ultimate boss, Mrs. Clinton. For the press to say that the shift means that Hillary's campaign is "in trouble" is unfair. Hillary is a 50/50 bet right now but not behind. It is fair to say that Hillary expected an easy victory for the nomination and thought that Obama with his lesser stature would be dispatched in the early primaries and be a supporter by now. Now the race is a slow war of attrition among the Super-delegates with orchestrated phone calls from the former President, Madeline Albright, Chelsea Clinton and, before it's over, Ted Kennedy and Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, I bet. (If the Clinton folks are smart, they will put Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on the phone, he's easily the most impressive Democrat in public life today outside of the Presidential Candidates) And speaking of Chelsea Clinton, criticism of her for calling Super-delegates on behalf of her mother is outrageous, and unwarranted. Chelsea Clinton is by all accounts, an intelligent, poised, caring and politically interested young woman. That she wants to take an active role in her mother's campaign is laudable. Every one of the Kennedy family wives, cousins, aunts and uncles worked when JFK was on the ballot for the U.S. House, the U.S. Senate and the Presidency of the United States. Chelsea Clinton is not a child and her support for her mother is a genuine and noble thing. Critics should back off.