Multiple sources report that former Governor Jeb Bush is moving inexorably towards a 2016 Presidential candidacy. Politico reported that "A person in attendance at the former president’s 90th birthday party in Kennebunkport this past June said the elder Bush spoke of a Jeb Bush candidacy as a near certainty. The elder Bush is also said to have leaned on his son to run."and "Jeb Bush’s father, (Family patriarch George H.W. Bush) is eager for his son to run, even telling a visitor at a recent family gathering in Kennebunkport, Maine, that a presidential campaign and a "return of the family dynasty to power was a near certainty".

Dynasty? Perhaps this sums up the problem. The Bushs think they can pick up the presidency like it was a checked hat. The Republican Party should think hard about the nomination of another Bush. George H. W. Bush's political career was revived after losing two state-wide races for the US Senate and after losing the 1980 Presidential nomination only though Ronald Reagan's selection of Bush as Vice President. Although George H.W. Bush managed to win election in 1988 as an extension of Reagan, he soon squandered the Reagan legacy by raising taxes and by refusing to defend the Reagan years. Bush lost the 1992 election large because of a personal squabble with Texas billionaire Ross Perot who stumbled onto the drug enterprises of the CIA in Asia while he was privately funding a search for unaccounted for Vietnam POWS. When Perot brought what he learned to his fellow Texan the Vice President offered on a grim smile. This prompted the Independent candidacy which allowed Bill Clinton to defeat Bush with less than 50% of the vote.

George W. Bush managed to win the Presidency only to outspend the Democrats and lead us into War in Iraq to settle a grudge with Sadam Hussein and preside over the Patriot Act, the greatest single erosion of our civil liberties in American history. While the Bushs have become more adept a sounding conservative, Jeb's support for Common Core and liberal Immigration reform should disabuse anyone from thinking he is a Conservative. The Bushs are crony capitalists, more interested in lining their pockets and the pockets of their friends than any guiding Governmental principle.

We need another Bush like we need another Clinton.