Mike Huckabee's campaign for Vice President, discussed in detail on these pages, is continuing with more than modest success. Huckabee scored impressive victories in the Mid-West and South, racking up more delegates to, in the end, "makes sure the platform properly reflects the Conservative principles of my campaign for which hundreds of thousands of Republicans have voted." If Huck doesn't get the nod, he may want to look at his entourage. Few will remember that Huckabee campaign Chairman, Ed Rollins, slagged long-time Reagan, Bush 41 and Bush 43 advisor Charlie Black, in his book "Backrooms and Bare Knuckles," a biography co-written with New York Daily News Reporter, Tom DeFrank. Rollins alleged that Black, while serving in Jack Kemp's 1988 Presidential Campaign, was a "double agent" really assisting Bush Campaign Manager, Lee Atwater to destabilize Kemp. The charge is an atrocious lie. Charlie Black is a man of impeccable integrity and personal loyalty. His admiration and support for Jack Kemp in 1988 was total. It is not uncommon for political jockeys to talk, always pumping for gossip and keeping things civil. None of this would matter if Black had not now emerged as a key advisor and "Wise Man" of the McCain campaign. Black, who supported George W. Bush in 2000, is a long-time friend and confidant of McCain and his wife. Black travels with McCain and I can tell you that his even demeanor and thoughtful nature provide an important equilibrium to a candidate who must avoid mistakes and stay on message while on the front-line of a Presidential Campaign. Rollins told various reporters that he wanted to "knee cap" McCain in Florida but was overruled by Huck who understood, better than Rollins, that there was a better way to get on to the ticket. This followed Huck's previous veto of a Rollins proposed negative TV ad that would have ended Huckabee's campaign in Iowa where Mitt Romney flamed out after using such ads.