As predicted on the STONEzone on Monday, John McCain swept the Super Tuesday primaries essentially foreclosing any cogent strategy by Mitt Romney that would allow the former Massachusetts Governor to get nominated. On the Democratic side a split decision this past Tuesday means the Hillary-Obama death struggle will continue through to the late primaries and to the Convention. This development will afford McCain valuable breathing time to reload financially and to engage in intense fundraising for the Party where the Republican National Committee and the Republican Senate and Congressional Campaign Committees have lagged behind there Democratic counterparts. McCain will also have valuable time to heal the wounds in his Party at the same time shifting to a General Election message but using preconvention McCain campaign funds to communicate that message. This breathing period for McCain provides him the one commodity that you can't get more of in an election year - time. Either Hillary or Obama will stumble out of the Democratic Convention with heavy negatives among those Democrats who supported the loser. Additionally, they will be forced to utilize their existing campaign dollars to focus on Democratic Primary voters rather than moving to a General Election message as McCain will soon be free to do. In politics timing is everything and John McCain won a big leg up last Tuesday for this Falls General Election.