The Miami Book Fair which is this Saturday November 22nd, has probably made an egregious error in its decision to feature both former White House Counsel John Dean and liberal author Rick Perlstein this Saturday as both have new books that are now under fire.

Dean is fighting to maintain his narrative about Watergate, one that hides his true role and culpability in the scandal against mounting new evidence that Dean is the man who planned, executed and then covered up Watergate and the involvement of him and wife in a call girl ring. Investigative Journalist Phil Stanford, using new documentation, proves this in his explosive new book, White House Call Girl.

I confronted Dean about his lies on C-SPAN at the Texas Book Festival.

In his new book, The Nixon Defense, Dean largely omits his own role in Watergate saying those who want to understand what he did should read his book, Blind Ambition. Yet when confronted under oath about discrepancies between his sworn testimony and that book, Dean said he didn't write Blind Ambition, blaming it on ghost writer Taylor Branch–(who Dean said was smoking pot!)–and later on his editor Alice Mayhew, both of whom denied those allegations. In fact Dean said he never even read Blind Ambition before it was published.

Mr. Dean has airbrushed himself out of the story all right. Gone is Dean’s role in paying hush money to the burglars. Gone is the fact that it was Dean who dangled executive clemency for Watergate burglar James McCord to buy his silence. Gone is the fact that it was Dean who destroyed the operational notebook recovered from E. Howard Hunt’s safe; and it was Dean who added the Watergate break-in to the Gemstone plan.

Now comes a devastating new revelation that the lawyer for the Watergate burglars, Douglas Caddy, worked in John Dean’s White House office and that Dean tried to get Caddy to pay hush money to the burglars.

Both White House gumshoes John Caulfield and Tony Ulasewicz who worked for Dean say in taped oral histories now at Texas A&M and in their own written memoirs that Dean ordered them to case-out the Watergate six weeks before the first break-in – meaning Dean knew about the break-in in advance. This is primary source research. Why should we believe Dean and not them?

Further clouding the horizon for Dean is this news:

NEW YORK (AP) — More transcripts of White House tapes from the Richard Nixon administration will be published next August focusing on 1973, the year the world learned the recordings existed.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt announced Tuesday that the new book will be called The Nixon Tapes: 1973 and will be edited and annotated by Douglas Brinkley and Luke A. Nichter, who worked on last summer's best-seller, The Nixon Tapes: 1971-1972.

The new transcripts will capture a turning point for Nixon, who had been easily re-elected in 1972.

Televised Watergate hearings in 1973 revealed widespread wrongdoing and the startling news that the president had been taping conversations. Nixon ended the recordings, which contained devastating evidence of White House misconduct, in July 1973 and resigned the following year.

Because Dean truncates or omits entirely his taped conversations with Nixon of March 13, 16, 17 and 20 1973, in which Dean can clearly be heard urging Nixon to commit crimes, the tapes covered in the new book by Brinkley and Nichter are devastating to Dean’s story.

I will be in Texas on Nov 22, the 51st anniversary of the John F. Kennedy Assassination to talk about my book, The Man Who Killed Kennedy: the Case Against LBJ, so I will miss the Miami Book Fair Soiree in Miami. Pity. If I were there, I'd ask Mr. Dean these questions.

“Why have you falsely denied your connection to mob connected high priced call girl and madam, Heidi Rikan, whose call girl ring was supplying prostitutes to the Democratic National Committee?

Why are your name and private phone numbers in her little black book?

Didn't you really orchestrate the Watergate break-in to secure records of these connections as well as your own wife's past?

Why was Watergate burglar Eugenio Martinez arrested with the key to the desk drawer where a portfolio of photos of the available call girls were kept?

Why are parts of your wife's testimony and exhibits pertaining to her background in your unsuccessful lawsuit against Saint Martin's Press–a suit that was withdrawn–not settled and sealed? What are you hiding?”

Liberal Author Rick Perlstein wrote an early book about the political ferment on the right in the wake of Barry Goldwater’s rise The Gathering Storm, and in Nixonland on the politics of resent as practiced by Richard Nixon.

There is controversy over Perlstein's book that is being featured at the Miami Book Fair: The Invisible Bridge, about the rise of Ronald Reagan.

The New York Post reported “Craig Shirley, who wrote two award-winning books on Ronald Reagan, claims Rick Perlstein plagiarized his prose in at least 45 instances in his new book.

When Shirley filed a $25 million lawsuit with a detailed deconstruction of Perlstein’s alleged theft, The American Spectator covered the dust up.

Beyond that I detect a nasty tone in Perlstein’s new book that did not quite exist in his previous books. A man of the Left, his disdain and dismissal of Reagan is palpable.

A disbarred lawyer whose lies about Watergate are catching up with him and an author being sued for plagiarism–is this the best the Miami Book Fair can offer?