By Roger Stone

The House of Bush is clashing with the Romney dynasty. The son of President George Bush is throwing jabs at the son of presidential candidate and Governor George Romney. The 2012 nominee squares off against the heir apparent of the Bush clan. George H.W. has ordered "the Bush dynasty be restored to power," according to POLITICO. Mitt, thinking three times a charm (Nixon lost and ran again and won, his minions repeat endlessly) and is moving ahead. The Establishment types are having a tiff! Meanwhile Chris Christie hit Iowa in search of early support while trying to figure out how to finance a 2016 bid.

First Mitt floats a trial balloon.

"Can’t quit Mitt: Friends say Romney feels nudge to consider a 2016 presidential run "By Robert Costa & Phillip Rucker"

Next day, Jeb tells public Barbra supports run....

"Questions Abound as Jeb Bush stumps for Son"

"......Bush said his mother, the former first lady who declared last year there had been "enough Bushes" in the White House, was now "neutral, trending in a different direction." His wife, Columba, is "supportive" of a potential presidential campaign, he said."
Then ,Jeb Hits Romney at the WSJ Forum‎:

"Jeb Bush on 2016: GOP needs to 'lose the primary to win the general" By Kasie Hunt

"....The comments came in wide-ranging conversation with Gerald Seib, the Journal’s Washington bureau chief, who followed up, asking: “Are the things that you need to do to win a Republican nomination contrary to the things you need to do to win a general election?”

Bush shot back: “Well, frankly, no one really knows that because it hasn’t been tried recently.”

It was a veiled jab at former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who tacked hard right on issues like immigration to get through the 2012 presidential primary. Bush went on to quickly change course and say he thought Romney would have been a great president."

Next on December 5th, Ben White talks on CNBC clearly planted by Romney.

"Mitt Romney Run Won't Depend On Jeb Bush": White -

If you read the Ben White /Maggie Haberman article on Romney, Romney has been mentioning Jeb's investments to donors to make them hesitant on supporting Jeb:

"Backers: Romney More Open to 2016 run

He has sounded unimpressed with the emerging GOP field, associates say"

By Ben White and Maggie Haberman

"..........He has assessed various people’s strengths and weaknesses dispassionately, wearing what one ally called his “consultant cap” to measure the field. He has said, among other things, that Jeb Bush, the former Florida governor, would run into problems because of his business dealings, his work with the investment banks Lehman Brothers and Barclays, and his private equity investments.

You saw what they did to me with Bain [Capital],” he has said, referring to the devastating attacks that his Republican rivals and President Barack Obama’s team launched against him for his time in private equity, according to three sources familiar with the line. “What do you think they’ll do to [Bush] over Barclays?”.........

Later in the day, Jeb hits back at Romney with Consultant Mike Murphy spinning Heileman and Halprin and Josh Green reporting it.

Bloomberg Politics, 12.12.14: What Mitt Romney Missed About Jeb Bush's Mitt Romney Problem BY Josh Green

...Before grappling with those questions, it’s worth noting what Romney seems to have missed. To my knowledge, Bush never bought a company and laid people off. He never closed a factory. And he never made a corporate acquisition and then squeezed it with debt. It’s harder for someone to paint him as a “vulture capitalist.” But of course, as Mark Halperin and John Heilemann pointed out on “With All Due Respect,” even Mitt Romney didn’t recognize he had a Mitt Romney problem"

Are Establishment men Bush and Romney in each others way? Where does leave Chris Christie who has appointed Gays, Asians and Muslims to the bench-but not constitutional conservatives. Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. is looking at potential financial fraud by Chistie in a bait-and switch Port Authority financing for the Pulaski Highway. Will Vance become the best known Democrat in the nation (and more popular in Manhattan) if he indicts Chris Christie?. Christie may be looking to broker a deal with Jeb for a commitment to be appointed Attorney General in return for endorsement and New Jersey's delegates.

Christie could also have money problems. Veterans of Rudy Giuliani's campaign have told me Rudy Financial Chair Ken Langone " talks a good game but is neither a big donor or big fundraiser." Langone is Christie's main money man.