I try to answer all email comments and suggestions that are sent to the STONEzone. The STONEzone is not a blog, but I am always happy to respond to those who write in a timely fashion as possible, subject to the time constraints of my other activities. My strong words for McCain brought many disagreements from Conservatives, some who actually called me a liberal and others of who questioned my status as a Reaganite, even though I was working on Ronald Reagan's staff in 1976 before most of those writing to me were born. The number of "peace" types threatening me with physical violence because of my anti-Hillary activities, is pretty comical. I expect to be mugged by some feminists any day now. Dick Morris wrote to emphatically deny that he has received any moneys or compensation directly or indirectly from the Huckabee campaign, contrary to what I heard from sources and reported in the STONEzone. Rather than fight about it, like Spiro Agnew, I plead nolo. Keep those emails coming and don't be afraid to pass on the email addresses of friends and colleagues who you think would enjoy the unvarnished political analysis you find on STONEzone.