By St. John Hunt

Isn't it wonderful that we can pride ourselves on the diverse gender, color, economic background and religious affiliations of our elected politicians? I for one, am very proud because it shows, arguably, that we have made huge strides in bringing the American dream of equality to it's full realization. My weakness however, is one that may affect millions of other voting Americans; voting based on religious affiliations, color or gender. This may seem a peculiar idea, but one that lays quietly beneath the surface of why and how voters choose their candidates. After all, for decades some voters have voted purely on political party lines; Republican or Democrat.

In the 1960 election of John Kennedy, it was popular to talk about Kennedy as the “Catholic” President. Nixon, as coming from a poor economic background, Carter, as hard working farmer, Clinton as the new spirit of Camelot, and Obama as the first black man to run for the office of President of the United States. These are all evidence of Americans voting for a candidate regardless of their color or affiliations or it is evidence of Americans voting because of their color and affiliations. I wonder how many people voted for Obama because he was a black man? I for one must confess that I voted for Obama because he was a black man and I reasoned that “what the Hell, may as well shake the political old boy network up and give a black man a chance.” I also bought into the whole “yes we can” mantra. In looking back on this decision, I admit that I was wrong. At the same time I offer the much used argument that I voted for the “lesser of two evils.” The other choice was John McCain and Sarah Palin. I shudder at the very thought, although Palin was pretty cute. If Palin had just kept her mouth shut, it might have worked out for them.

Enter the potential candidacy of what may become our first woman President: Hillary Clinton. I would love nothing better than to become part of history by voting for our Nation's first woman President. Proof that feminism has finally evolved from bra burning in the '60's to equality in the workplace and the White House. A noble ideology whose time has come. To quote the Who; “we don't get fooled again.” In this next election I must look behind the gender. I must look behind the campaign slogans and I must look behind Hillary's speech rhetoric and promises. When we vote for a candidate based on something like gender or color, we our doing a disservice to our country. Rather than showing gender equality, it serves to show how ignorant and easily manipulated we can be. In searching for a more definitive identity for Hillary Clinton, I need only to observe some of her behavior while serving as Senator and First Lady.

In the summer of 2007, Hillary was forced to return almost $900,000 from fundraisers Norman Hsu, Johnny Chung, and Charlie Tree all convicted of illegal campaign fund raising. Johnny Chung testified that “the White House was like a subway turnstile, you put the money in, and you get in.” In 1997 a story broke that hundreds of thousands of dollars flowed into the Clinton Campaign from Chinese dishwashers who donated $1, 000.00 each. The only problem was that when the Los Angeles Times investigated these dishwashers it became apparent that most of them either didn't exist, or that they had no idea they had donated to the Clinton's. The fund raising illegalities were so extensive that according to U.S. News and World Report senior writer Michael Barone “120 people either fled the country in order to avoid being interrogated by investigators, plead the fifth amendment, or otherwise avoided questions.” “Fourteen guilty pleas came out of that.” What this shows is that at the very least the Clinton campaign is guilty of not using due diligence in vetting out suspicious donations. How could this not have raised red flags? One thousand dollars from Chinese dishwashers? In order to circumvent the links with Chung and Tree, the money was laundered through names of Chinese dishwashers.

Another case shows that Hillary Clinton was directly involved in what has been called the biggest campaign finance fraud in the history of the United States. Peter F Paul, a Miami lawyer who had been convicted of cocaine possession and fraud, trying to swindle the Cuban government out of $8.7 million, served a 3 year sentence and then moved to Hollywood to make a fresh start for himself as Hollywood producer and promoter. In February of 2000, Paul met with Hollywood charity fundraiser Arron Tonkin who happened to be one of the Clinton's top money contacts in Hollywood. Tonkin admittedly was obsessed with celebrities. In meetings with Hillary Clinton, Tonkin offered a deal. In exchange for donations to Hillary's 2000 Senate campaign, Hillary would give Paul access to President Bill Clinton for business opportunities once Clinton left the White House. In taped telephone recordings at a Federal prison where Paul was serving out his sentence for fund raising scams he says this, “it was a growing relationship (Hillary's and his) I don't know where it ultimately would lead, but I suppose not to a good place because all the people that I met around them (the Clintons), that I dealt with in different events, have all gone to prison.” The crowning event in their relationship was to hold a major fund raising party with hundreds of Hollywood celebrities. In June of 2000 Paul agreed to finance what would be the largest and most lavish political fundraiser ever staged in Hollywood. It was called The Hollywood Gala Salute to President William Jefferson Clinton. In tape recorded conversations between Hillary and Paul, they discuss the event, and is evidence of two criminal offenses committed by Hillary Clinton in which she clearly violates Federal election statutes. Although the event cost $1.1 million, her campaign entered that it cost $400,000. The $700.000 difference was used to secretly fund Hillary's Senate campaign. In the end Hillary was fined $35,000. and Paul was charged with Federal campaign donations fraud. Hillary paid the fine and continued to accept campaign donation money from Paul even though their crime had been exposed. Amazingly the media seemed to give her a pass. Paul has vowed to spend the rest of his life trying to expose what he characterizes as Hillary's chronic pattern of corruption.

This is the first of a series of essay's in which I present some rather dark but interesting facts with regard to Hillary Clinton for the StoneZONE.

Saint John Hunt is a poet, musician and author. He joins the StoneZONE.


Any serious student of politics or history should read Roger Stone's stunning book The Man Who Killed Kennedy - The Case Against LBJ
—Judge Andrew P. Napolitano