Last November in my New York Times Bestseller - The Man Who Killed Kennedy-The Case Against LBJ, I revealed that the oft repeated claim that brave, dashing John F. Kennedy faced down the Soviets in the Cuban Missle Crisis and that the claim that JFK only pledged not to invade Cuba in return for the removal of Soviet missiles was a lie. Declassified documents relased 40 years later revealed that JFK made a secret deal-kept from the American people- to remove fifteen US missiles from Turkey in return for a pledge from the Soviets to remove their missiles from Cuba. JFK's secret deal with Khrushchev included no on-site inspections and many military experts doubt the Russian missiles were ever removed.

Now according to “The Politics of Deception,” a new book by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Patrick Sloyan, recently discovered secret White House tape recordings Kennedy made — including a phone call in which JFK consulted former President Eisenhower — plus declassified documents show JFK lied to both the former President and the American people. Kennedy told Ike he had rejected Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev's demand to have American missiles removed from Turkey and had agreed only not to invade Cuba. “‘We then issued a statement that we couldn’t get into that deal,’ Kennedy told Eisenhower. “‘Any other conditions?’ Eisenhower asked. ‘No,’ Kennedy said.

Attention Chris Matthews. Kennedy lied.