The Urban Dictionary defines Eskimo Brothers as a term used to describe two men who have had sex with the same woman.

According to a new book by Darwin Porter and Danforth Prince, Love Triangle: Ronald Reagan, Jane Wyman and Nancy Davis, President-to-be Ronald Reagan was a serial womanizer in between wives. Among Reagan’s conquests was Marilyn Monroe. This, of course, makes President Ronald Reagan and President John F. Kennedy, who had his own affair with Monroe, Eskimo Brothers. Reagan told Charlie Black and me that he “knocked down all the available talent” in his bachelor days when reminiscing about his Hollywood years on this campaign plane in 1976.

Wait there’s more. According an article by Todd Purdum for POLITICO, former Secretary of the US Senate and LBJ henchman Bobby Baker claimed he hooked JFK up with Ellen Rometsch, a stunning East German beauty who JFK said “gave the best head job I ever had”. Baker claimed he had also arranged an assignation for Congressman and future President Gerald Ford with Rometsch This means Ford and JFK were also Eskimo Brothers.

What are the odds that three American Presidents would be Eskimo Brothers?