Senator John McCain is poised to sweep the big states in Feb 5th's Super Primary with Mitt Romney, candidate of the Bush political machinery is relegated to small targets of opportunity. The key sign that Romney knows the fat lady is about to sing is the cut back in spending on TV to levels equal to McCain in the key battle ground states. This is reminiscent of how the Mormon cut his TV advertising in South Carolina and Florida only to turn it on again after he won Michigan by promising millions to the automotive Industry. (Fiscal conservative, that Mitt.) Smart businessmen don't throw good money after bad. Poppy Bush was big for Mitt as was Jeb. Guess they saw in him a sure loser that would leave the party machinery, particularly the fundraising machinery, in Bush hands for the restoration under Jeb. W was disturbed by Mitt's immigration gyrations. John McCain is all of their worst nightmare. The attacks on McCain by Limbaugh, Joe Scarborough, Laura Ingram and Citizens United (not to be confused with Citizens United Not Timid, a completely different kettle of fish) only serve to reinforce with moderates and Independents the qualities they like about McCain - his refusal to be in the Washington-buddy system. Rank and File Conservatives know that on our National Security and revitalizing our economy through cutting pork and cutting taxes, John McCain is the real conservative we need at one of Americas most trying times. Never has the Conservative leadership been more out of touch with the Conservative grass-roots. John McCain has the experience, depth, judgment, courage, and principles to lead America.