Menendez-hookerThe contention that Senator Bob Menendez is being prosecuted on 18 counts of corruption because of his opposition to the Obama Administration on Iran, Cuba and Israel is a clever PR counter-punch but false.

Menendez came under the DOJ spotlight when murky accusations about his attending sex-parties with prostitutes at the Santa Domingo compound of a prominent and wealthy South Florida Eye Doctor Soloman Melgen. While three women later 'recanted" the accusations, the three were not the same women who made the original charge.The addresses on the sworn affidavits supplied to the local prosecutor for all three were vacant lots. No journalist ever interviewed the women "retracting" their charge. This sleight-of-hand was arranged by Vinicio "Vincho" Castillo, a political power-broker and fixer accused of falsifing documents in the. 1978 Dominican Presidential election, who is a cousin of Melgen. Who should call the press-conference-in which no woman showed up but a statement was released but Vinicio “Vinicito” Castillo Seman ,the son of Vincho who was also accused of attending the sex parties. The Washington Post bought the "retraction" hook line and sinker.

Gawker ran a piece that confirmed Menedez use of 'escorts" in DC. Cary Grant he is not.

The investigation into this Dominican charge however uncovered private but unreported plane trips that Menendez quickly reimbursed Melgen for - including a flight the day of the alledged sex party the Senator was alleged to have attend.Too late it turns out. The Miami Herald bored in on the Menendez efforts to pressure Medicare officials- .The Feds uncovered the web of corruption in which Menendez did favors for Melgen in return to unfettered access to his check-book and a shower of gifts. Menendez used his clout to obtain visas for a a parade of young girls to feed the married Melgen's appetite. The chances of Menendez being acquitted on all counts is zero.

Months ago a NBC reporter told me she had seen a letter from Menendez to the Justice Department accusing me of plotting his down-fall and working for Cuban Intelligence. The Senator accused me of violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act by not registering for representing the Cuban government. Please. I am a life long anti-communist who opposes the Obama Adminstration normalization of relations with Cuba. Menendez has been fashioning this fable for months and collected a cool million dollars in a legal defense fund. It's a fantasy.

He's guilty.