By Jonathan Tilove

Good morning Austin:

I had lunch with Roger Stone on Saturday.

He was in Austin promoting his new book, The Clintons' War on Women, the basic premise of which is, as Stone puts it, "Bill Clinton is a Bill Cosby-like sexual predator," and Hillary Clinton is his witting accomplice.

I had asked Stone ahead of time where he wanted to eat. He said either barbecue or Tex Mex.

I chose barbecue and asked whether he wanted a truck or bricks and mortar.

He chose the latter, and I suggested Freedmen's near UT.

We met there. It was cold and wet, so the outdoor seating wasn't really an option. All that was open were seats at the bar. We took them. They were out of the ribs. Oh well. We both had brisket and shared beans and potato salad. Stone, who lives in South Florida, said he was very pleased, that it was just what he wanted.

For 90 minutes, we talked 2016 politics and I can't think of anyone better to do that with.

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