Political pros all raised an eyebrow when Republican political consultant Mike Murphy appeared at John McCain's hotel in the hours before the Arizona Senator's New Hampshire victory. Murphy worked on McCain's campaign eight years ago, but got caught flirting with former Governor Mitt Romney last year which McCain was not happy about. Murphy is best known for advising Republican Senate candidate Rick Lazio to physically confront Hillary Clinton in a debate and demand she sign a no-tax pledge. The move backfired badly and contributed to Clinton's victory. Murphy was also the genius who advised California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to take on the Public Employees Union in a Proposition measure that was routed by the voters and bought Ahrnold to the low point of his governorship. Although Murphy cut his teeth as a hatchet-man for the National Conservative Political Action Committee's (NCPAC) Terry Dolan, Murphy now considers himself an artiste, hanging out in Hollywood and Miami Beach. Murphy hocked Schwarzenegger to peddle his screen plays unsuccessfully in Hollywood. A stint as producer of the Dennis Miller Show didn't work our either. McCain Campaign Manager Rick Davis, and old Reagan pro, Charlie Black, brought McCain's campaign back from the dead by carefully husbanding resources and living off the land. McCain has scored a Lazarus-like rise from the political dead in the greatest political comeback since Bill Clinton post-Jennifer Flowers in 1992. Unfortunately Murphy has John McCain's cell phone number. John McCain finds Murphy amusing but he needs his political help like a hole in the head.