By Roger Stone

John Meacham's "biography" of our 41st President George H.W. Bush, "DESTINY AND POWER" comes in at a whopping 864 pages and a wrist snapping 3.4 pounds and it's pure whitewash. It ignores inconvenient historical facts because it is an authorized biography. Meacham seems oblivious that the goofy, patrician manner and weird syntaxes that makes Poppy look like a bumbler hide a man of steely ambition, ruthlessness, entitlement, and duplicity.

Fortunately, my own book JEB AND THE BUSH CRIME FAMILY will be released Jan 26th and will expose "historian" John Meachem as a tool of the power elite. There is a whole genre of books that are authorized profiles that stress the Bush Family "integrity and honor". All are vehicles to cover up the truth about the House of Bush; "DESTINY AND POWER" is one of those.

Meacham ignores declassified federal documents showing Bush was in Dallas on November 22, 1963, staying steps from Dealey Plaza and lied to the FBI to create an alibi when he said for 30 years he "couldn't remember where he was." These facts are not in Meacham's book.

Meacham omits Bush's stonewalling of the Iran-Contra investigators on the trail of cocaine and arms smuggling meant to illegally raise money for Nicguaran Contras. Bush oversaw the program as Vice President and chair of a secret task force. On the advice of Presidential Legal Counsel Boydon Grey - creepy son of eugenics guru and funder Gordon Grey - Bush refused to be questioned or turn over Documents. This is not in Meacham's book.

CIA drug smuggler and pilot Barry Seal was murdered three days after threatening to expose the drug smuggling involvement of Bush sons Jeb and George W. Seal was gunned down with Bush 41's private phone number in his wallet. Again, not in Meacham's book.

There is no mention of Bush's racist support of eugenics, Prescott Bush's financing the armament of Adolph Hitler or his ownership of a controlling interest in a steel mill in Germany that used slave labor from the Auschwitz death camp. As usual, this is not in Meachem's book.

The Bush's even paid for a vanity biography of Prescott Bush "DUTY, HONOR, COUNTRY" which airbrushed his Nazi business dealings out of the picture. Author Mickey Herskowitz should be ashamed: The Feds seizing of Prescott's bank for trading with the Nazi's is not mentioned.

Meachem missed Poppy's obsessive quest for the vice presidency, which he felt was his "birthright" that he could advance from. Bush made attempts to get on the ticket in 1968, 1972, 1974, 1976, and 1980.

Far from timid, Poppy pulled the strings behind many of the dark events which have come to haunt America. Yet he maintained he was "out of the loop." Never the one to take responsibility, never the one to accept blame, Bush's CIA pal Felix Rodriquez ran the loop. Bush and CIA Director Bill Casey were the loop.

"DESTINY AND POWER", reads more like an autobiography than a biography - unless biographies are limited to relating the facts only as approved by the subject. This massive self serving account deliberately excludes many duplicitous plots and lies. Like the one about his fighter plane catching on fire after being hit and Poppy dashes out and parachutes to safety: Facts proved Bush bailed prematurely without warning his comrades who he left to die. The last part is historical fact. The true story is one of cowardice and self-preservation, yet we are expected to believe a tale of war time bravery presented in endless TV commercials featuring 8mm footage of a smiling Poppy being scooped out of the sea. Meacham buys the Bush spin that he's a hero.

When I realized that some of the story had come from Bush's own personal diaries, I should have known Bush wouldn't have written down anything that would make him look bad or could incriminate him. I wonder how, as a journalist and respected author, John Meacham produced such an obviously sanitized and unbalanced bio.

There is no mention of the family's racist support of Eugenics or Planned Parenthood and population control for lessor races. One never gets the impression that so many politicians of the era had of George H.W. Bush: That he was weak, limp, soft spoken, and timid.

That perception, perpetuated by Bush himself, could be the greatest con of modern times.

"DESTINY AND POWER" is a masterwork of disinformation, a brilliantly concocted script written only to praise Bush. The book has garnered critical acclaim and is now a New York Times Best Seller and one of the top ten books of this year. The book is a fraud! Look who loves it: Establishment elites Walter Issacson and LBJ punch Doris Kearns Goodwin who was well acquitted with "Jumbo". Mike Beschloss jumps on board, too. These people hide the history of our country. Meachem hides it, too, instead giving us the Bush family version of events while ignoring historical facts.

Meachem, like broadcaster and author Bill O'Reilly, misses much about the backstory of the Reagan assassination and Bush's ties to it and Bush's secret efforts to set Reagan up in Iran Contra and later have him declared non-compis mentis so he could seize power.

Old man Bush profiteering at Carlyle, taking Saudi pay-offs and his connections the Bin Ladens? Completely sanitized in Meacham's book.

As old man Bush nears the end of his life, it seems not to be the end of the Bush dynasty. Jeb's story is also one of privilege, shady connections, get-rich-quick schemes, using the Florida Governorship to make millions, and taking post-Governorship payoff's from Wall Street for lucrative state actions. As Jeb Bush's presidential campaign struggles and his team lays plans to steal the nomination at the Republican Convention, we must ask ourselves: Do we really want another Bush in office? And why aren't these people in jail?