Mitt Romney's "Victory" in the Nevada Caucuses is a fugazy, a Magoffin, a con job. Romney won no delegates.... yet. The Delegate selection process is a multi-stepped process that elects delegates to District Conventions who then elect Delegates to a State convention who then elect the National Delegates. Romney will be out of the race by the time the Delegates are actually chosen. Romney did however flood the first step caucuses with his co-religionists. Over one third of voters showing up were Mormons. Nevada is not one third Mormon. For the National media to portray Nevada as a win for Romney that somehow balances 4th place in South Carolina is ludicrous. Virtually every news outlet bought this Romney "head-fake". Romney mortified a real Washington Insider when a AP reporter questioned Romney's assertion that there were no lobbyists running his campaign by citing the heavy involvement of lobbyist and Bush coat-holder, Ronald Kaufman, in his campaign. "He doesn't even attend Senior Staff meetings!" snapped Romney, which can't do Kaufman's lobby business much good.