Friends of Huckabee Campaign Manager, Ed Rollins, was concerned that he may have had another stroke which impairs his judgment after Rollins engaged in an on-air shooting match with Chris Wallace the night Huckabee won the Iowa caucuses. Rollins irrationally attacked Wallace and all the media for trying to "prevent his guy from breaking through" in the Hawkeye State. Rollins, who was not in any way, shape or form associated with Ronald Reagan's Presidential Campaign in 1980 when I was the Northeastern Regional Political Director handling New York, New Jersey and Connecticut for the Reagan campaign, preceded this performance by threatening to "knock Mitt Romney's teeth down his throat" in a boast to a reporter. Why is it always about Ed? For a guy who has dined out on his role as Reagan's 1984 re-election campaign, Rollins has routinely gravitated to candidates like Ross Perot and Mike Huckabee who would turn the nation away from the Reaganomics of tax-cutting to promote economic growth and job creation. Rollins incorrectly urged Huckabee to use negative advertising against Romney in Iowa. Doing so would have been suicidal. Romney's negative TV commercials hurt him in both Iowa and in New Hampshire. Huckabee was right to counter-punch in the free media while keeping up the optimistic and populist themes of his campaign. It is only a matter of time before Rollins' next gaffe. That's what happens when your only experience in Presidential Politics, other then Jack Kemp's disastrous campaign, is the re-election of one of the most popular Presidents in the nation's history who never had to break sweat to win a re-election. This is for sure, when Mike Huckabee fails to win the nomination, Ed Rollins will be sure to let everyone know that it was Huckabee's fault and not his.