When you see Mitt Romney answer a question on television, you can virtually see the computer gears turning in his head. His brain seems to be online with millions of dollars of polling data that has shaped his candidacy. Rarely do the two computers malfunction. Romney is unfailingly "on-message"-indeed he is virtually computer programmed to guarantee it. Then there is the question of his telegenic looks. The perfect hair. The perfect jaw. The perfect teeth, the perfect shade of white. Mr. Romney looks as if he has been designed by the engineers at Disney after they perfected their robot of Lincoln delivering the Gettysburg Address. Then there is the automaton wife and all-American automaton family. I concede that Mr. Romney maybe the perfect television candidate for the television age. I have one problem with his candidacy, which is a deal-killer for me. While I believe that any person can have true evolution in their thinking on an issue or two which leads them, on the basis of additional evidence and information, to change their position. When, however, a man goes to bed one night a Liberal in all of his views and wakes up with a revelation that he was wrong about everything and is an instant Conservative my bullshit detector goes up. You can search the donors to Ronald Reagan's 1976, 1980 and 1984 campaigns. You won't find Mitt and Ann Romney. If George W. Bush practiced "compassionate conservatism," Romney practices "convenient conservatism." It's just that the data inputted into the Romney computer brain when he ran for U.S. Senator and Governor of Massachusetts caused the computer to printout a Liberal ideology for Romney's political career. Convenient, as Romney's father, Michigan Governor George Romney, was a good man but no Conservative, having refused to endorse Republican Presidential Candidate Barry Goldwater in the 1964 election. The data input for next year's election was different. A candidate will have to be anti-immigrant and a social, foreign policy and fiscal Conservative to be nominated for President in the Republican primary process, so the printout this year calls for Romney to be on the right. Then there is the strange tango of the Bushs as a subtext for the Romney campaign. Jeb waits in the wings on the theory that after four or eight years of Hillary Clinton, the party will be begging him and his vast fundraising machinery to enter the race and win the Second Restoration of the House of Bush. Note on a state-by-state basis how the Bush people are the Romney people. Not that those Bushites who have been told or encouraged to support Romney aren't sincere but the Bush hierarchy is confident in Romney's ability to lose the general election. As George W. Bush proved when he fired Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld after the election, the Bushs care little for the party other than the vehicle is there for their use and abuse. It's not surprising that Romney is applying the Bush campaign game plan from 1980, outspending and out organizing his opponents in the early states and staging aggressive early campaign advertising to build a lead in those states. The only difference is the Bushs used OPM and Romney has written some of the biggest checks himself. And now comes the flaw in the game plan. Romney was confident that the lead he purchased in Iowa and New Hampshire would hold against the field. Like George H.W. Bush, he understood that the national polls were meaningless and would change overnight if he ran the tables in the early primaries. Suddenly Mike Huckabee, most certainly not a robot but a folksy likeable genuine Conservative with a natural Evangelical Christian base, has taken the lead in Iowa and has thus earned higher profile and first tier status in this race. And this at a time when national front runner Rudy Giuliani, thought by Romney to be his real competition, is on defense on both immigration and New York City expenditures pertaining to the chauffeuring insecurity of him and his then girlfriend. With Mike Huckabee climbing over his back in Iowa in last week's debate Mitt Romney looked like a robot that had blown a fuse.