VANITY FAIR'S David Margolick exposes New York's Governor Elliot Spitzer as the head-case he is, exposes Spitzer's father Bernard Spitzer as "the Jewish Joe Kennedy," outlining his illegal financing of his son's campaigns and his inculcating a lack of people-skills as well as a ruthlessness into his son. Margolick is the first major journalist outside the tabloids to recognize that the ‘Sheriff on Wall Street' has little regard for truth, the law or inner-personal relationships. The man is more dysfunctional than Albany could ever be! While Margolick's profile of Spitzer holds out the possibility that the Governor can rebound the piece is must-reading for anyone who wants to understand Prince Elliot. (

Eliot Spitzer is forcefully resisted by New York Senate leader Joseph L. Bruno as state attorney general Andrew Cuomo patrols the beat. Photo illustration by John Corbitt.