Last week brought crushing news for New York Governor Eliot Spitzer in the Siena College poll that showed that only 25% of New York voters would vote to re-elect Spitzer today, rather astounding when you consider that he got 69% of the vote just a year ago. For the first time, more New Yorkers disapprove of the Governor's job performance than approve. Getting caught red-handed using the State police to conduct espionage on his political opponent and his ill-considered proposal to give driver's licenses to illegal immigrants added to his public temper tantrums have all taken their toll. Now comes news that Spitzer has pulled a 'Dukakis' by increasing the number of violent criminals sprung from the State prison system. The Spitzer Administration is speeding up the release of hardened criminals who have been in jail for decades. Prospective parolees include cop killers and vicious murderers. State figures show that the number of A-1 felons released by the State Parole Board in the first year of the Spitzer Administration has doubled over the previous Administration of Governor George Pataki. Spitzer's liberal attitudes and tin ear about voter attitudes continue to amaze. StoneZONE prediction: Spitzer will not be re-nominated, never mind being re-elected and any thought of his being the first Jewish President, as has been speculated, is over.