In the Weekly Standard's recent profile of me, 'Roger Stone: Political Animal' on November 5th by Matt Labash, the story inadvertently short-changed my friend Alan Flusser as it referred to him as my "tailor." While it is true that Alan Flusser knows more about quality tailoring than perhaps any menswear designer in the country, he is, more importantly, one of the most influential designers and purveyors of the highest quality custom clothing in the United States, if not the world. Alan Flusser has almost single handedly promoted and preserved the soft-shouldered English silhouette originally made for the Duke of Windsor by his tailor, Scholte, and made most famous by Anderson and Sheppard of Savile Row. Flusser has been the foremost proponent of this elegant style that was favored by the Prince of Wales, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., and Gary Cooper and, for a time, by Prince Charles. It is a timeless style, which was as elegant and fluid in the 1930's as it is today. Flusser travels the world finding extraordinary cloth from the finest mills in Britain and Italy. Many of these fabrics are limited and unique. A Flusser suit is tailored to move with the body providing a level of comfort unmatched in any garment you have ever worn. Working with his partner Mark Rykken at the Alan Flusser Custom Shop in New York City, Flusser is bringing old-world style craftsmanship, extraordinary knowledge and impeccable cut to custom made suits, sports coats and odd trousers as well as sports and casual wear. Flusser simply has a taste level unsurpassed by any other menswear designer in the United States. A gentleman can do no better than putting himself in the hands of Alan Flusser when it comes to all of his sartorial needs. Alan Flusser Custom Shop: 3 East 48th Street, NY, NY 10017 - Tel: 212-888-4500