Controversial Republican operative Roger Stone — reportedly fired by Donald Trump's campaign in August but insisted at the time that he quit — makes no bones about who he is. Moreover, he loves every minute of it:

“I revel in your hatred. Because if I wasn't effective, you wouldn't hate me.”

That's just one of the comments the provocative former adviser and longtime friend of President Trump makes in the new Netflix documentary, “Get Me Roger Stone.”

So what does Trump think about Stone and his controversial reputation?

“Roger's got a really rough reputation. You talk about dirty trickster and other things, and I've known him for a long time — he's actually a good guy, a quality guy.”

The official Netflix trailer opens with Trump saying of Stone, “He loves the game, he has fun with it, and he's very good at it.”

During an interview with NBC News host Chuck Todd earlier in April, Stone defended himself against allegations that he colluded with “the Russians” during the 2016 campaign. Calling himself “a perfect victim,” he said the charges cross the line:

“I'll tell you one trick that's not in my bag: treason. See, that crosses a line. I resent the inference that I have colluded with the Russians to elect Donald Trump. 'Cause it's patently false.”

As Stone tells it, he learned the value of “disinformation” during a mock election at his school between Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy. He says he told his classmates that Nixon supported extending the school week to Saturday.

As a result, he says, JFK won the mock election in a landslide.

“It was then I learned the value of disinformation," he says. "Of course, I've never used it since [wink-wink].”

The young man who sabotaged that mock election not only went on to work in the Nixon White House; he sports a tattoo of Nixon on his back:

The former Nixon aide claimed in a 2013 book that Lyndon B. Johnson arranged the assassination of JFK.

“Get Me Roger Stone” will be up on Netflix on Monday, May 12.