If a commitment to Justice and Equality is not enough to persuade the Republican Party that they must reach out to African American voters in the next election, perhaps simple arithmetic will. The Republican Party cannot afford to write-off the African American vote and must soon realize that a growing black middle class shares the same concerns and aspirations as all middle class voters; safer streets, better schools and economic opportunity. Florida's Republican Governor Charlie Crist is leading the way. Crist championed the institution of voting machines with a paper record. Crist also supported state restitution for Pitts and Lee, two African Americans wrongfully convicted and incarcerated by a racist Florida Judicial system in the 1960's. Additionally, Crist championed restoration of felon's voting rights after their sentences are completed. More recently Crist backed the State paying $5 million to the family Martin Lee Anderson, a 15 year old beaten to death by state boot-camp guards who were actually sheriff's deputies. Crist called for a new autopsy when the first autopsy showed the teen had died from complications from sickle cell anemia. In 1960 Richard Nixon received 32% of the African American vote running against John F. Kennedy. Kennedy, no real friend of Civil Rights, appointed segregationist Federal Judges, stalled Federal housing legislation, stalled voting rights legislation and generally dragged his feet in the fight for equality leaving it to his successor Lyndon B. Johnson to push through major Civil Rights legislation after Kennedy's death. Dwight Eisenhower signed the 1958 Civil Rights Act, the first major piece of Civil Rights legislation not killed by the southern Caucus of the US Senate under the leadership of... Senator Lyndon Johnson. Republicans must reclaim their birthright as the Party of Lincoln and Eisenhower. That means taking a more aggressive stance to bring real equality to the justice system; in today's United States, there is one system of justice for African Americans and another system of justice for white people. Republicans cannot and must not cede this issue to the Democrats in 2008.