New Hampshire Secretary of State William Gardner threatens to move New Hampshire's Presidential Primary to early December of 2007 to avoid other States trying to horn in on New Hampshire's spotlight and influence. Such a move would create a longer period between New Hampshire and the South Carolina and Florida Primaries. Rudy Giuliani is probably the candidate who benefits the most from the way the early Primaries have little time between them. A lull between Primaries increases the impact of free-media coverage of the race and voters are less likely stampeded behind a frontrunner who scores in the early going. Dole won the Iowa Caucuses in 1988 only to lose the New Hampshire Primary three weeks later. Voters simply have more time to assess the early results and settle behind a candidate. In what is likely to be a Romney - Giuliani race, the ex-Mayor must survive Iowa, score in New Hampshire and win in Florida before sweeping Delegate-rich states on September 5th. Romney must win Iowa and New Hampshire to contend in South Carolina and Florida. If New Hampshire's Primary is set in early December, John McCain must take his Federal matching funds - almost $6 Million and spend the max in New Hampshire, even moving there in a last ditch effort to revive his campaign. McCain is back is a blockbuster story, if he can pull it off.