By Jason Devaney

Political consultant Roger Stone, who at one time served as a campaign adviser for President Donald Trump, insisted Tuesday that he has nothing to hide when it comes to the Russia investigation — nor does he need anyone's help.

Stone spoke with MSNBC's Chuck Todd and was asked why former Trump campaign adviser Sam Nunberg said Monday he was trying to protect Stone by originally defying a subpoena as part of the Russia investigation.

"I didn't ask Sam Nunberg to protect me. I don't think I require any protection," Stone said. "Look, I'm one of the president's oldest friends and remain a staunch supporter. It's not surprising that the special counsel may wanting to see e-mails and memos that I wrote to the campaign and about politics, and that's not really surprising."

Nunberg claimed he was asked by special counsel Robert Mueller to share emails he exchanged with Stone and other Trump campaign officials. He made the revelation in a series of interviews Monday.

"Sam did some things in the campaign that displeased the candidate and he was terminated," Stone said. "This is actually too bad because he's a very talented writer, researcher, and wordsmith. Beyond that, I can't characterize it."

Stone has been accused of colluding with the Russians to help Trump win the election, a claim he has denied. He repeated that on Tuesday.

"Chuck, I've been accused of being a dirty trickster. There's one trick that's not in my bag, that's treason," Stone said. "I have no knowledge or involvement in Russian collusion and I don't know anybody else who does."