Huckabee Campaign Manager Ed Rollins turned beet red at the press conference last week after his candidate announced that the $30,000.00 negative TV ad hastily prepared by Rollins was not going to air after showing it to reporters. Huckabee had reportedly given Rollins the go-ahead and changed his mind only after Clinton guru Dick Morris talked the former Arkansas Governor out of going negative. Morris hates negative advertising and argued that Huckabee needed to focus on looking, sounding and acting presidential and lay out some comprehensive issue initiative. Morris argued that firing back at Romney would merely lower Huckabee's standing with voters. When Huckabee loses the Iowa caucuses, watch Rollins make it clear to any reporter who will listen that Huckabee is a dumb-fuck and he lost because he didn't follow Rollins' advice. Ask Mike Huffington, Bill Simon, Jr., Katherine Harris, K.T. McFarland or Ross Perot. According to the Washington Post Rollins "worked his way through state-wide politics before helping the former actor (Reagan), vault his way to national prominence." This would be news to John Sears, Jim Lake, Charlie Black, Paul Manafort, Lee Atwater, Mike Deaver, Keith Bulen, Frank Whetstone, Kenny Klinge, Drew Lewis, Frank Donatelli, Anderson Carter, Paul Russo, Lorilei Kinder, Marin Anderson, Don Totten and all the other Reagan campaign staffers who know that Rollins had nothing whatsoever to do with Ronald Reagan's election for President in 1980. I know, I handled the northeastern United States first for the Reagan for President Committee and then for Reagan-Bush. Ed Rollins had no role whatsoever in the campaign. Boasting "if I don't have a good horse, I am not going to win. But if I have a medium horse, I can make him a competitor. If I have a great horse, he's a winner. All I have to do is not fall off", Rollins denigrates his candidate and overrates his skills. In fact, Rollins has never made any candidate a competitor. After Rollins' only successful campaign, the election of Christie Todd Whitman in New Jersey, Rollin's tainted the victory by bragging that he had "suppressed the black vote" triggering a Federal Grand Jury probe. Huck is Hucked.