Internet based groups seeking to draft former Vice President Al Gore to be a 2008 Democratic Presidential candidate in the wake of his winning a Nobel Peace Prize are missing the mark. It's true that only Gore, at this late stage, has the stature, base and fundraising capability, to wrest the Democratic nomination Senator Hillary Clinton. While Gore maybe sorely tempted, he will not succumb to a draft. Gore advocates should instead launch a "write-in" campaign in New Hampshire where write-in's are relatively easy to execute and have a long history in the Granite State. Dwight Eisenhower won the State as a write-in in 1952 and Henry Cabot Lodge won the State in a Presidential write-in in 1964. Former Vice President Richard Nixon received 25,000 votes that year as a write-in. In 1956 Nixon preserved his place on the Eisenhower ticket with almost 40,000 write-in votes for Vice President. Gore's opposition to the Iraq war and his pioneering environmental positions when adding to widespread belief among Democratic voters that he was cheated out of the Presidency in 2000, create the base for a significant New Hampshire write-in. If Gore were to finish in the top three on a write-in in New Hampshire, he could announce before September 5th and change the entire face of the 2008 race. But then, I am a Republican and I favor fratricide in the Democratic Party.