A day after the media firestorm set off by Sam NunbergRoger Stone appeared on MSNBC to speak with Chuck Todd.

He directly told Todd, “I didn’t ask Sam Nunberg to protect me. I don’t think I require any protection.”

He said he hasn’t spoken to President Trump in months and denied that he ever spoke to the President about WikiLeaks or the Clinton emails. (He also threw out there that he thinks the DNC hack was an “inside job.”)

Stone also defended Julian Assange as a “courageous journalist” and not a “Russian asset.”

Todd asked him if he’s concerned Mueller hasn’t asked to speak to him or subpoenaed him yet. Stone said he isn’t concerned and would be happy to talk to Mueller.

At one point Todd grilled him by asking, “Would it have been wrong to collude?”

Stone dodged and said he wouldn’t entertain a hypothetical because there’s “no evidence that this happened” and the idea Trump needed help from the Russians is a “fairy tale.”