Republican frontrunner Rudy Giuliani must break through in at least one of the early primary states before the mega-primary on September 5th. Recent polls from New Hampshire show Giuliani within striking distance of local frontrunner Mitt Romney. Since more than half on New Hampshire is in the Boston television market, the former Massachusetts Governor starts with a leg-up, although Granite State voters may recall his earlier liberal positions. Romney has spent lavishly on Boston television while Giuliani has wisely husbanded his resources, saving his TV money for a late blitz. The ex-mayor has gained on Romney without television advertising. Romney's late-in-life conversion to conservatorium is beginning to undermine his candidacy. In a State with both a moderate Republican tradition that comprises almost a third of the vote and a significant libertarian Republican tradition that eschews social issues, Giuliani can win while Romney, Thompson and McCain spilt the social conservatives. In 2008 the war on terrorism trumps abortion or gay rights as an issue and Rudy Giuliani's extraordinary message discipline is convincing a growing number of Republicans that he is the man to lead that war.