Needless to say, I was honored when Barack Obama?s official website attacked me by name last week as one of those who would seek to smear him in this year?s Presidential campaign. Sadly, the website incorrectly refers to me as ?proven GOP sleazemeister.? While I appreciate the ?proven? type I would point out that candidates always think its sleazy when their true record, sleazy associations, and lack of qualifications are highlighted for the voters. Some fly-by night website called RADAR On-Line continues to describe me as ?the self-described sleaziest man in politics.? Needless to say, I have never said anything of the kind about myself and RADAR is completely unable to authenticate the quote. But it matters not. Once a ?factoid? is on the Internet, it is repeated until it is taken for fact. Don?t get me wrong ? I am not complaining. But my critics are on notice about this bogus quote. More importantly, the Obama website utilizes a direct quote by me which I never said regarding the alleged existence of a tape that might prove embarrassing to Michelle Obama. If you are going to play hardball, get it right.