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The return of Roger Stone 4/19/16

GOP 'King of Dirty Tricks' on RNC's Plan to Stop Trump 4/18/16
Depending on whom you talk to, Roger Stone, the veteran GOP strategist and consigliere to a long line of Republicans, most recently Donald Trump, could be one of the sleaziest operatives in American politics, or the most effective. He has played a role in no fewer than nine presidential campaigns, starting with Richard Nixon's 1972 re-election bid, where he cut his teeth "trafficking in the black arts," as he's put it. He's lobbied for casino operators, consulted with Ukrainian politicians, was instrumental in stopping the 2000 Florida recount in Miami by orchestrating an angry mob of Republicans in pinstriped suits, and helped destroy the career of Eliot Spitzer by exposing his relationship with a prostitute. He has been described, in consistently unflattering terms, as, among other things: the "king of dirty tricks," a "self-admitted hit man for the GOP," the "boastful black prince of Republican sleaze" and "a little rat" -- albeit one with a closet full of bespoke suits who drives a sleek silver Jaguar, one of six he has owned.

Trump Delegates Should Sign A Loyalty Pledge 4/12/16
When I called for Trump supporters to button-hole so-called Trojan Horse Trump delegates in their convention hotels and engage in a dialog with them last week, all hell broke loose.

CNN Edits Video To Imply I Call For Violence in Cleveland March 4/8/16
Trump is right the press is so dishonest. Used a truncated video clip of my interview with Stephan Molynneux to go to the hotels of delegates, implying I an advocating violence. No where in the interview did I advocate violence.

What's Really Going On Inside Trump's Political Operation? 4/8/16
Last week, after the National Enquirer published a salacious story alleging that Ted Cruz had had at least five extramarital affairs, the Texas senator not only denied the story but singled out the person he believed was responsible for planting it.

Get the Facts in The Clinton' War On Women 4/8/16
The gripping true story of vicious sexual assault and rape of dozens innocent women by Bill Clinton and the terror campaign by Hillary to discredit, degrade and silence them.

Ex-Trump aide says he'll help Ward 3/30/16
Roger Stone, the veteran Republican political consultant who has battled with Sen. Ted Cruz over a National Enquirer article alleging that Cruz cheated on his wife with five women, apparently is working for Arizona U.S. Senate Republican challenger Kelli Ward.

Clinton And Soros Are Behind Violent Riots At Trump Rallies, Not Sanders 3/22/16
The Establishment on both the left and the right, who want to disenfranchise the millions of Republican voters who support Donald Trump, have blamed the staged riots near Trump rallies on Trump or on Bernie Sanders. That's like blaming the Russians for the Reichstag Fire. Bernie has little to do with these manufactured protests. This is a Clinton operation, a faux protest.

Trump Must Beware The Trojan Horse Delegates 3/20/16
A state party staffer from a large Northeastern state passed the entry codes for a conference call of five Republican Chairmen from significant states this past Saturday. The topic on the table? Stopping Trump. I had to listen in.

The Naked Truth-Corrupt Blowhard Chris Matthews Plays Hardball with Guests for Wife's Campaign 3/16/16
Tingly-legged windbag Chris Matthews got caught in a pay-to-play scandal involving his wife's campaign and his TV show.

Who Is The Real Heidi Nelson Cruz? 3/16/16
As the nation says "Goodbye" to Nancy Reagan - a woman widely admired as the quintessential political wife - we pause to ask: Who is Heidi Nelson Cruz?

Suddenly It's 1964: How the Stop-Trump Drive Resembles the Past 3/16/16
Suddenly, it's 1964. That's the year the Republican Establishment ignored the prairie fire started by the conservative supporters of Barry Goldwater, who systematically grabbed control of the GOP by scoring in precinct meeting state caucuses, delegate conventions and ultimately the big California Primary.

How the Establishment will try to stop Trump 3/16/16
The populist movement behind GOP candidate Donald Trump's rise in the polls is "a repudiation of 30 years of bipartisan treason and failure," GOP strategist Roger Stone told Breitbart News Sunday host and Breitbart Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon.

This is why Trump will beat Hillary 3/16/16
It has become apparent that Roger Stone, a "former" longtime political adviser to Donald Trump, Republican operative, veteran of eight presidential campaigns, author, columnist, and media personality extraordinaire -- is potentially poised to be the most influential behind the scenes player in what is shaping up to be a Trump vs. Clinton general election race.

RINOS maneuver to Steal GOP nod from Trump 3/16/16
In a bitter fight for its life, establishment GOP leaders have decided to block Donald Trump's nomination at all costs, even if it means losing the presidency to Hillary Clinton, says Roger Stone, co-author of the 2015 bestselling book "The Clintons' War on Women," and the recently published "Jeb! and the Bush Crime Family."

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