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The Sweetheart Deal For Bill Clinton's Orgy Island Pal May Be Exposed And Overturned 1/25/16
Tick, tick, tick...the highly suspicious deal that gave Bill Clinton's billionaire buddy Jeffrey Epstein a slap on the wrist for paying underage girls for sex may finally be subjected to pubic scrutiny and even overturned, bringing with it the possibility of bargaining against real punishment in exchange for testimony against a bigger fish.

This Is The Truth Hillary Clinton Fears 1/25/16

Jeb And The Bush Crime Family Release January 26th 1/25/16
Jeb Bush is the anointed one and his dynasty's fall from power is a stunning story. With $100 million collected from Wall Street predators he was to ascend to the throne as easily as his brother W. had. But Jeb ran smack dab into a brash New York billionaire an an attractive protege who thought it was his time.

The MSM Does Not Want To Talk About Bill Clinton's Rapes & Violent Sex Assaults 1/6/16
The Clintons are criminals and this has nothing to do with any consensual oral sex that Bill had with Monica Lewinsky, martial infidelity or adultery. Like Bill Cosby, Bill Clinton is a sexual predator - and Hillary used strong-arm tactics to run the cover up. In fact, Hillary is an accessory after the fact in all of her husband's sex crimes.

Mr. Stone's 10th Annual Best & Worst Dressed List For 2015 1/3/16
Our tradition of honoring Mr. Blackwell's decades long Best and Worst Dressed ends this year, allowing for the presentation of Mr. Stone's Best and Worst Dressed for our TENTH YEAR.

DESTINY AND POWER: The American Whitewash of George Herbert Walker Bush 12/21/15
John Meacham's "biography" of our 41st President George H.W. Bush, "DESTINY AND POWER" comes in at a whopping 864 pages and a wrist snapping 3.4 pounds and it's pure whitewash.

This Christmas Give The Gift of Truth 12/21/15
The gripping true story of vicious sexual assault and rape of dozens innocent women by Bill Clinton and the terror campaign by Hillary to discredit, degrade and silence them.

The Real Watergate Scandal 12/21/15
My father is E. Howard Hunt, one of the star players of Watergate and I experienced the damage it caused to the nation and my family.

Bush's Gambit To Steal The GOP Nomination From The Donald 12/21/15
The problem for the GOPe Road Map has been the dominance of Donald Trump in disrupting their initial goals to nominate Jeb Bush with 10-20% of the primary vote.

Trump On Ryan Spending Sell Out 12/21/15
"If anyone needed more evidence of why the American people are suffering at the hands of their own government, look no further than the budget deal announced by Speaker Ryan...."

Last Minute Present? 12/21/15
The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ hit the New York Times bestseller list the week of the 50th Anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Hillary Clinton Steps In It 12/14/15
Hillary Clinton stepped in it. For the first time Hilary was forced to confront the issue which has the potential to derail her bid for the White House. Not surprisingly the question did not come from a member of the media but from a voter in New Hampshire.

George Schultz On Ronald Reagan 12/14/15
Having served for almost seven years as Ronald Reagan's secretary of state, I reacted to Bill O'Reilly's and Martin Dugard's latest book, "Killing Reagan: The Violent Assault That Changed a Presidency," with surprise and dismay, and some alarm.

Don't Like Negative Ads? Guess Again 12/14/15
U.S. politics has never been kind and genteel. Anyone who believes otherwise is wrong. It's always been a game ruled by its most aggressive players. Roger Stone would know; he'd be the first to admit he's one of them.

Why Trump Will Win 12/14/15
International businessman, entrepreneur, builder and reality TV star Donald J. Trump once again displayed his uncanny and unprecedented ability to both dominate the national dialogue and roil the political waters with his most recent proposal to temporarily halt Muslim immigration.

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