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The Life and Times of Dick Nixon

The Style of Ronald Reagan

Trump Insider Exposes Bushes & Clintons 11/23/15

Roger and Me: A Saturday in the StoneZone 11/23/15

Clinton Rape Allegations Exposed by Trump Insider 11/23/15

The fall, er, Autumn of Trump: A Q&A with Roger Stone 11/23/15
City & State's Jeremy Unger spoke with Stone about Clinton's 2016 chances, the political strategy of Donald Trump, and how the Republican Party's move to the right could impact local races in New York.

BRAVE NEW BOOKS - The Clintons Exposed 11/23/15

Hillary's Hypocrisy 10/5/15
Hillary Clinton is running for president as an "advocate of women and girls," but there is another shocking side to her story that has been carefully covered up - until now.

Stone on Smerconish 9/12/15

TV Highlights of the Week 8/19/15

Geraldo Rivera Wants To Kick My Ass 8/6/15
We hear a lot these days about how civility has been lost in politics -- and the media. I would remind that there was a time when public figures settled their differences with pistols at dawn. Maybe there's something to be said for that. Bring it on, Geraldo. I'll let you know next time I'm in the building.

When it Comes to Israel, Drunk Nixon is Better than Sober Obama 7/14/15
The former New York Times reporter claims that a call recorded by Henry Kissinger proves Nixon was drunk on the fifth day of the crisis after Egypt and Syria launched a surprise attack on Israel which caught their Intelligence agency by surprise.

Corporal In Clintons' War On Women Is Back 7/14/15
I got a fundraising solicitation for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign today, signed by veteran Clinton attack dog James Carville. Carville was purged from Bill's 1996 reelection campaign but has remained a dogged Clinton defender while living like the 1 percent on speaking fees and product endorsement deals.

LBJ and the US Liberty Murders 6/10/15
The USS Liberty murders are arguably Lyndon Johnson's greatest crime if one does not include deceiving and dragging America into the horrors of the Vietnam War where millions perished.

Will We Learn The Real Saudi 9/11 Connection 6/4/15
Coming off the Patriot Act fight, the presidential hopeful is sponsoring a bill to declassify 28 pages of a 9/11 report that may blame Saudi Arabia.

Our Hidden History - Book Review 6/4/15
Hidden History: An Expose of Modern Crimes, Conspiracies, and Cover-Ups in American Politics, is one of the most sensational books I've read in a long time. The frightening part is that it's not fiction. Author Donald Jeffries manages to fit in an astonishing number of topics, from the JFK assassination to 9/11, and exposes the hidden reality behind all of them.

Why Do Some In The Media Deny Hillary's Slide 6/4/15
More people have an unfavorable view of Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton now than at any time since 2001, according to a new CNN/ORC poll on the 2016 race.

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